Scenery Silhouettes – Hakuna matata

Colour or black and white – that is the question?

I’m terrible when it comes to going out and noticing something that I want to take a picture of. Worst thing is when your not driving, you cannot simply pull over and observe further.

Anyhow, i was a passenger in the car (and had my camera) I saw the landscape that reminded me of the Lion King…. yep you guessed it I wanted to take a shot!

To create this image I turned up the shutter speed (which was lucky as I wanted a underexposed image and was also taking the shot from a speeding car) i used a low ISO and used a fairly wide aperture. The brightest area of the scene has been emphasised and therefore it has created a lovely silhouette of the trees. It furthermore looks like a scene from the Lion King movie… can you see where I’m coming from?

Lessons learnt from this experience… I hate being a passenger, lol!

Oh yeah, this was taken In Scotland if you wanted a location!

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TinsyT85 💋

The beautiful abandoned warehouse

This Grade II listed building is worn down and exposed leaving all to see its bare necessities!

Whilst the architecture of the building is truly beautiful, it has a really eerie feeling about it.

To capture that eerie feeling I opted for a slightly under exposed image and chose to have the image in black and white. I used a small aperture to highlight some of the lines in the building and woodwork and a faster shutter speed. The shadowing I feels adds drama to the shot. I do however feel I could have angled this shot a little differently to get even more depth, which I feel would have given a even greater impact!

What are your thoughts?

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TinsyT85 💋

Like a Sci Fi movie

Earlier this year this picture featured in The Guardian Newspaper – my first piece to be printed!

What drew me to this scene was the way nature and man made worked together as one. I loved the various textures around the concrete grey bridge. The way the bridge wrapped around the tree reminded me of a space ship orbing around a point of interest. It reminded me of a Sci fi movie… like aliens had landed.

To capture my vision, I wanted to create a moody piece and so opted for the image to be in black and white. I used a slower shutter speed so that the cars in the background blurred and it created a movement. The lights from the cars for me was the finishing touch and it gave it the glow I would expect to see from a Sci fi movie.

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TinsyT85 💋

Broken branches in the brook

I took this a while ago but I wanted to refer back to it. In my previous post (Shutter speed in Sunny Scotland) I sped up the shutter speed. Here, I slowed it down!!

What I particularly liked about this picture was the way the water in the brook looks misty almost milky in texture. For the record I shot this in manual mode and I have not used any post production work on it whatsoever – what you see above is what i shot!

Now, after looking at the image I feel it has potential to look great in black and white (as shown below, post production work changed to black and white).

What do you think? Which do you prefer?

As always I thank you for your time reading this.

TinsyT85 💋

Shutter speed in sunny Scotland

So these days high clarity and pin sharp images take centre stage. I wanted to create a softer feel, less detailing, painting style image – something which many would call a Painterly style. During the early days of photography, photographs that looked like paintings were the norm!

Anyhow, I was travelling back from Scotland as a passenger (lucky) in a car travelling at speed, around 70mph (not stig from top gear speed). The landscape was phenomenal and since I had my sidekick canon camera with me ready for action, I decided to put it to use!

As the car was travelling at speed, and I didn’t want a blurry image, I opted for a very fast shutter speed. By doing this I needed to use a wider aperture to get correct exposure (I also used a low ISO as it was a bright day). The overall effect left the image looking like a painting. Yippee I had created what I set out to do!

What do you think? Any suggestions or tips for improvement?

This was my first time visiting Scotland, and whilst I only went as far as Edinburgh, I have heard it’s even more beautiful the further north you go. Anyone been to Scotland if so where did you go?

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Tinsy T 85 💋

My photography journey one drop at a time!

Hiya everyone,

I’m a photography student- yes I actually study photography for all of my sins! Arguably many people simply see no need to study this field, especially since – well – in photography you simply need to take a photograph – so why do you need to study it?

Though it is a good question, there is a lot more to taking a photograph than simply pointing and shooting (I accept many images look fabulous using this method) but what actually makes a good photograph? Where did it stem from and more importantly- with the age of cameras on mobile phones and auto modes on digital cameras – how is a photograph taken manually in order to create certain moods?

These were the questions that drew me to studying photography – I say that – it was also the fact I simply enjoy taking a photograph and love to travel…but I needed to have more control of what I wanted to capture! I therefore needed to be able to pull away from the point and shoot method used on my mobile phone. I bought a digital camera and started out using auto mode and whilst my images looked lovely, I personally felt they lacked something… that is… a feeling and a mood that made me want to take a picture of the subject(s) in the first place and also the creative vision I had in my mind. This was my entry into the world of Manual mode and a photography course at the British Academy of Photography. The course is intense and I feel I have learnt alot more than I did even at school. You may say this is because I am passionate about photography and therefore want to learn more, or you could say it’s because I am able to express myself creatively which I was not able to do whilst I was at school. Either way I’m actually learning something! For the record I’m Dyslexic… I only found out at university whilst studying a Psychology degree that I had this thing they labelled Dyslexia (so I began to accept my creativity ).

Regarding the photo above:

I took it in manual mode, using a fast shutter speed and a flash to freeze the droplet. I am truly thankful for H. Edgerton who created a flash (strobe) which could capture high speed in 1931… if you get chance google his work. It’s truly amazing where we have come in terms of photography (people actually lost lives to create light…. but that’s a whole conversation in itself).

For those wondering what camera I have , I use a Canon camera EOS and will be looking to upgrade, but a term I often hear I’d rather know what I’m doing than “have all the gear and no idea”. I find good lenses help whatever camera body you have and would encourage investing in a quality lens.

I am still learning as I go, and thought I’d start a blog on my journey. I’d be delighted for any feedback or tips for me to improve- and also may give me a good grade in assignments 😂😂

Thanks for reading